Every Yorkshire and Humber resident is responsible for 2.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions – equivalent to the combined weight of five polar bears.

Transport represents 23 per cent of the total carbon footprint of a Yorkshire and Humber resident.

Of the 2.7 tonnes each resident produces in the region, car use represents 57 per cent (1.5 tonnes) while air travel represents 17 per cent (0.4 tonnes) and public transport 11 per cent (0.3 tonnes).

We all need to rethink how we travel if we are going to combat the effects of climate change.

Air travel is the most damaging mode of transport when it comes to climate change, with emissions at high altitude almost three times as damaging as those at ground level.

On average a Yorkshire and Humber resident flies 3,969 kilometres outside the UK every year for holidays and business. This is the equivalent of every resident in the region making two return trips from London to Berlin.